Boostball: Lemon Drizzle

Do you find yourself snacking? Have you considered a high protein option?

I am often hungry in between meals especially if I am at the gym late the night before. Snacking is something that is very hard especially when sticking to a strict diet. To help you out, I have discovered a high protein, nutritious snack – which I love!

Prepped & Packed

Do you struggle to eat healthy on the go? 

Do you find it too much effort to meal prep the night before?

Review: Muc-Off Athlete Performance

Who get’s DOMS after training hard?

Who get’s sore hamstrings after leg day?

I have recently discovered a few products that help with DOMS and recovery after training hard.


I visited two gyms in Newcastle for this gym shoot. Gym Elite & Unit 29 Fitness. What are your thoughts on my first ever Gym Shoot?

Aftershokz : TREKZ Titanium

How well do you sleep? Could you improve your rest and recovery?

Most athletes are incredibly mindful of what they consume whilst training, not only with regards to food and drink, but also with their intake of sports related supplements.


Here are some images from my shoot with Repwear Fitness. Current condition, May 2017.

Product Review: Krill Oil vs Cod Liver Oil

Is there any real difference between Krill Oil and cod liver oil, and is one better than the other?

This article addresses what the main differences are and the reasons I feel that Krill Oil is the better choice.