The Protein Ball Co.

The ideal snack is not only delicious but also good for you. Have you heard of the Protein Ball Co? If not, you need to try out these protein balls!

Favourite Nut Butters!

What is your favourite nut butter? How healthy are they?

These days, picking out a nut butter can be a hard task, due to so many options on the shelves. Are you really sure if you’re getting the right oneβ€”or if it’s actually doing everything the jar claims.

My Daily Morning Shake!

How do you kick start your day?

I am normally in the office for around 7:30am so I don’t tend to have very long for my breakfast. I have created this morning shake to get in the essential nutrients very quickly before I get to work.

MusclePax – Samples & Accessories

Can you keep up with supplement trends?

The fitness industry has boomed. There are hundreds of products, supplements, snacks, bars, gels and it is hard to try them all – without spending a fortune.

Healthy Snack: Boostball

Do you find yourself snacking? Have you considered a high protein option?

I am often hungry in between meals especially if I am at the gym late the night before. Snacking is something that is very hard especially when sticking to a strict diet. To help you out, I have discovered a high protein, nutritious snack – which I love!

Meal: Powerful Protein Salad

Are you ready to create aΒ protein packed salad? I am often on the roads or in a work environment where I can’t rustle up a lean meal very easily. This is what I often eat for a lunch or as a pre-gym meal. If you count your macros or find yourself looking at fat/carb and…