Review: Muc-Off Athlete Performance

Who get’s DOMS after training hard?

Who get’s sore hamstrings after leg day?

I have recently discovered a few products that help with DOMS and recovery after training hard.


I visited two gyms in Newcastle for this gym shoot. Gym Elite & Unit 29 Fitness. What are your thoughts on my first ever Gym Shoot?


Here are some images from my shoot with Repwear Fitness. Current condition, May 2017.

Workout: The Bicep Blaster

When training my biceps I have found I made the most progress by starting my workouts with my strength movements, then later in the workout chase a pump until my heart’s content.

Back Workout: Building a V-Taper

Do you want to improve your back? Have you got a good V-taper? This blog post is a brief run through of a typical back workout that I enjoy and believe works very well for me. I focus on lifting heavy weights in back workouts, working on a 6 to 8 rep range. This worked best for…